52. Blue Ribbon – Round the Lake Balaton Race

Kékszalag or the Blue Ribbon Round the Lake Balaton Race is an international sports event held in Hungary every year between more than 30 boat classes. The regatta starts and finishes in Balatonfüred, after the 155+km circumnavigation of the Lake Balaton. By today the regatta became Europe‘s most prestigious and oldest (the first was held in 1934) existing round a lake competition (Bol d’Or Mirabaud is since 1939, and Centomiglia is since 1951). The Blue Ribbon’s course is the longest among the main European round the lake events and nowadays has also the largest fleet competing (612 sailboats in 2009). During the race, the Transportation Rules of Inland Waterways apply. From 2014 the Hungarian Yachting Association has lifted the restrictions regarding multi-hull sailboats and today the race is open to everybody in the spirit of the founders.

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János Ladányi


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